Become a Reseller of MQ Kitchen Products and Earn Big!

Become a Reseller of MQ Kitchen Products and Earn Big!

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to earn extra income? Look no further! MQ Kitchen is offering a fantastic reseller program that allows you to make a profit while providing customers with high-quality kitchen products. With our Reseller Program, you can become a part of our growing network and enjoy great benefits.

MQ Kitchen Reseller PackageReseller Package

As an MQ Kitchen reseller, you will have the chance to earn up to 48 Pesos for each jar of MQ Kitchen products sold at the suggested retail price (SRP). This means that for every sale you make, you can reap a significant profit while ensuring your customers receive top-notch kitchen essentials.

To kickstart your reselling journey, there are a few important points outlined in our Reseller Program. Firstly, we require purchase of Reseller Package worth 1,959. If you sold the package out, we require minimum re-purchase of 1,000 worth of assorted MQ Kitchen Products per order. This ensures that you have a wide range of products to offer your customers, catering to their diverse needs.

MQ Kitchen Reseller Virtual IDMQ Kitchen Reseller Virtual ID


To facilitate a smooth transaction, we kindly request that you inform us at least two days in advance before making a repurchase. This allows us to prepare your order promptly and have it ready for pickup. Speaking of pickup, you can conveniently collect your products either from our G-7 CyberCafe Tabunok branch or our JRA Seafood General Maxilom Branch, whichever suits you best.

MQ Kitchen BagoongTry our Best Seller!


As an MQ Kitchen reseller, we encourage you to aim for a minimum monthly quota of 2,000 worth of products. This not only ensures a steady income stream but also helps in growing your customer base. It's important to note that failing to make any active repurchase within two months will result in the cancellation of your resellership privilege and discount.

MQ Kitchen Resellers' Prices

To maintain a fair market for all resellers, we kindly ask that you adhere to the suggested retail price (SRP) for all MQ Kitchen Products. This helps maintain consistent pricing and ensures a level playing field for everyone involved.

Becoming a reseller of MQ Kitchen products presents a wonderful opportunity to earn additional income and build a successful business. With our Reseller Agreement in place, you can enjoy the freedom of being your own boss while having the support of a trusted brand.

MQ Kitchen Bagoong Variants

So, what are you waiting for? Join our reseller program today and start earning big with MQ Kitchen products! Contact us now and embark on a lucrative journey in the world of kitchen essentials.

Apply now! Schedule an online meeting 09688515894 (WhatsApp/Viber) or email us at You can also chat us directly at 

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