Bantayan Direct: Business Sustainability, The Community and Environment

The mostly dry-season and windy equatorial climate of Bantayan Island may have provided us an ideal advantage like natural pest-control and better air-drying process, but it’s not without its own share of vulnerability from natural calamities. To make our business model more robust and sustainable, we have allocated a great deal of our revenues for future reconstruction projects in case a devastating super typhoon will hit us again.

A portion of that fund is also allocated for food packs and care packages for employees and their families. Our current project is to develop a solar powered staging facility, not only to lessen our reliance on fossil fuel energy but also to prepare for extended power outages just like what happened during Typhoon Odette last December 2021.

Our goal is to get back on our feet and work ASAP to minimize supply chain disruption and continue doing business as we go along with the recovery efforts. Certainly, a win-win situation for us and our employees.

We are also limiting our use of packaging products to biodegradable BPA-free food grade vacuum bags, recycled kraft boxes and product tags and will continue the drive of lessening the carbon footprint in our business operations.

Right now, our food assistance program for less fortunate children is directly implemented by our company director in cooperation with the LGU as we are still in the process of selecting a DSWD-accredited foundation that will take care of this program more efficiently and effectively. Be sure to subscribe to our news letter to keep you posted.

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