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JRA Seafood (Legal Name: JRA Bantayan Seafood Trading) is an FDA-Licensed Seafood Trader based in Cebu specializing premium frozen seafood products, dried seafood products and gourmet seafood products.

We have been exporting dried seafood and gourmet food products to the global Filipinos since the latter part of the pandemic. Our goal is to bring a taste of home even in times of travel restrictions.


We are committed to adhering to FDA and USDA standards for storing, packing, and handling our seafood. One of the things that sets us apart is our use of the JUST-IN-TIME (JIT) Inventory Management System. This system allows us to procures, quality check, and pack items based on recent forecasted sales. This requires close cooperation and coordination with local fishermen, ensuring that customer orders are fulfilled on time, without any overstocking.

Our close proximity to fish ports and Cebu's logistics hubs also means we can beat shipment deadlines, ensuring that our seafood is as fresh as it was on the day of harvest. Our main office and shipping point, located next to Mactan International Airport, allows for faster order fulfillment and package handover to DHL Express, our international logistics partner.

From the white sunny beaches of Bantayan Island and the center of Philippines' logistical hub

We are strategically located to have better access to the freshest seafood from the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western fishing routes. We believe this location is a huge asset to give you the freshest seafood everytime! With this new product line we hope to make healthy and premium seafood options more accessible for Filipinos everywhere.

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