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Katambak Labtingaw 250g

Katambak Labtingaw 250g

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Introducing Katambak Labtingaw, the perfect addition to your breakfast table. This delectable delight, mildly salted and fresh from the pristine shores of Bantayan Island, is here to elevate your morning meals.

Katambak Labtingaw is carefully crafted to bring a burst of flavor to your breakfast routine. Each bite offers a harmonious blend of mild saltiness and the invigorating taste of the sea. This unique combination creates a delightful experience that will leave you craving more.

Sourced from the coastal beauty of Bantayan Island, Katambak Labtingaw encapsulates the freshness and authenticity of the island's marine offerings. Every mouthful transports you to the tranquil shores, where the ocean breeze mingles with the savory essence of this exceptional delicacy.

Start your day on a high note with the captivating crunch and delightful taste of Katambak Labtingaw. Its unique flavor profile pairs beautifully with your morning beverages, whether you prefer a steaming cup of coffee, a refreshing glass of juice, or a soothing cup of tea.

Katambak Labtingaw is the perfect breakfast companion, adding a touch of coastal magic to your morning routine. Its mild saltiness and freshness will awaken your senses and leave you energized for the day ahead.

Experience the taste of Bantayan Island with Katambak Labtingaw, and discover a new way to enjoy your breakfast. Treat yourself to this exquisite delicacy and savor the essence of Bantayan Island in every bite.

Note: Metro Cebu only. Not available nationwide.

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